Alongside supporting people through music therapy, I also teach piano and violin at my studio in Probus and in various schools.

My philosophy of teaching is for students to gain skills, but also have fun and enjoy what they are doing. With young children aged 4 upwards I play a lot of games, make up tunes and play songs we recognise, moving on to using method books when they have thoroughly grasped the basics and composed their first few tunes.

I believe improvisation  is really important and build it into lessons from the start. We can then use it to learn about the building blocks of music, leading into learning music that interests the student.

When books become necessary I use systems called Piano Safari and Abracadabra Violin. These build on the foundations we have developed and help students to learn to read music and develop their skills.

I can support students to take exams, but I am equally happy playing and exploring musical experiences as it suits them. I’ve taught all ages (my most mature student is in her 80’s) and can also coach more experienced players to express and polish their pieces.

I’m also able to conduct lessons online or via instructional videos depending on your needs.