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“Using music to support children, adults and young people to improve their emotional and physical lives and well-being.”

Welcome to this musical space, a place to discover how musical play can help to improve mental health, relationships and lives.

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Mid-Cornwall Music Therapy uses creativity and play, instruments, songwriting and listening to help your child explore their experiences and make sense of their life. Sessions can involve talking, or not, the focus is totally on enabling them to feel better.

For families it can help them have new ways of playing together, sharing your thoughts and feelings and supporting you to better communication.

It can be short or long term, depending on your challenges and needs. We will work together to give you the support you, your family and your child need.

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Music Therapy

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Family Music Therapy

Mid-Cornwall Music Therapy white musical notes
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Music Therapy is focused on the person and not the diagnosis, so can be useful in the following areas: 

Autism spectrum ●  ADHD ●  Attachment difficulties ● bereavement ● challenging behaviour ● child protection ● complex needs ● domestic abuse ● developmental problems ● early years ● emotional and behavioural needs ● learning difficulty ● mental health  ● parent & child bonding ● physical disability ● school underachievement ● school inclusion ● sound sensitivity & sensory processing needs  ● trauma

How I Work

Taking part in Music Therapy does not depend on the ability to play an instrument or have musical skills, so anyone can benefit. It does not depend on speech so music therapy is a particularly effective for people who have difficulty communicating verbally.

Music Therapy is fun, playful and creative.

I provide sessions in a bespoke music room in Probus, near Truro. It contains a piano and many other instruments, has soft carpets for work on the floor and is easily accessed through its own door. Lighting can be soft or bright and there is space for parents and carers to join in, or wait nearby.

I also work in schools throughout Mid-Cornwall and have built relationships with professionals in education, CAHMS and the wider therapeutic community.

Sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes and are private and confidential. I follow NHS Safeguarding guidelines and hold Safeguarding Level 2, am DBS checked and hold all appropriate insurances.


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Hi I’m Emma

About Me

My name is Emma and I am a trained Music Therapist, musician and music teacher. I first learnt about music therapy whilst studying music at university, it was the first time I realised music was what feelings sound like and that it could create a place of solace and offered me a way of expressing difficult and challenging thoughts. It was a revelation.

Kind Words

“Meeting Emma made me feel so much better about what I’d been through. It was lovely playing music then writing songs about the abuse I’d experienced. She helped me to understand that it wasn’t my fault and boosted my confidence so much.”


An adult who had experienced challenging mental health for many years

“Jessica was really anxious and finding school really difficult to cope with. She loves her sessions and is much calmer and able to explain her emotions to us when she’s upset. The change in her behaviour has been really noticeable and made an enormous difference to her life at school.”

Primary School Head Teacher

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