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Music Therapy for Adults and Children

Welcome to my musical space, a place to discover how arts and music can help adults, families, children and young people to improve their mental health, relationships and help anyone to live their best lives. Music Therapy is for…

Using music to support children, adults and young people to improve their emotional and physical lives and well-being.

Mental Health and Well-being

Following a person centred approach, my aim is to support you to safely explore your feelings and experiences in order to understand yourself and live your best life.

Children and Young People

Basing sessions around play, fun and careful observation of their emotional needs gives children and young people a chance to express themselves and experience improved relationships and life experiences.

Families and Young People who have experienced trauma

Music can provide a space for families to re-experience relationships in a safe and secure place, accompanied by a therapist who supports them to understand each other. Music therapy can also provide a place for children and young people to process and understand their experiences and challenging emotions.

Adults, Children and Young People with learning disabilities

Music therapy can provide a place for acceptance and expression for everyone without boundaries and physical difficulties. Clients can experience making their own decisions, feeling heard and have their emotional needs met in subtle yet transformative ways.

Music therapy uses creativity and play, instruments, songwriting and listening to help you explore your experiences and make sense of your life. Sessions can involve talking, or not, the focus is totally on enabling you to feel better.

We can build a course of music therapy of any duration, depending on your challenges and needs. During the current Covid-19 situation I am also offering sessions online.

About Me

My name is Emma and I am a trained Music Therapist, musician and music teacher. I first learnt about music therapy whilst studying music at university, it was the first time I realised music was able to create opportunity for emotional connections without words, that it could create a place of solace and offered me a way of expressing difficult and challenging thoughts. It was a revelation.

I’d Love to Help

What is Music Therapy?

I use music to support others in exploring their emotions, relationships, and experiences in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. It can offer a person a way of being heard that they might not have experienced before and can help improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

Music therapy is an established psychological clinical intervention, which is delivered by HCPC registered music therapists to help people whose lives have been affected by injury, illness or disability through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. 

Sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes and are private and confidential.

I am registered with the British Association of Music Therapists (bamt.org), DBS checked and hold all appropriate Insurances. I also follow NHS and HCPC (https://www.hcpc-uk.org)  Safeguarding guidelines, updating my training as required.

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