About Me

Emma Packer

My name is Emma and I am a trained Music Therapist, musician and music teacher.

I first learnt about music therapy whilst studying music at university, it was the first time I realised music was able to create opportunity for emotional connections without words, that it could create a place of solace and offered me a way of expressing difficult and challenging thoughts. It was a revelation.


I studied piano and violin, but have also developed skills with many percussion instruments, guitar and bass; playing in bands and groups from various genres of music from improvisational rock to folk. I firmly believe that music is for everyone and I aim to make it as accessible as possible.

My Training

After university I trained as a teacher, working in London and then China with children from all ages and backgrounds. It quickly became clear to me that I was more invested in the emotional wellbeing of my students rather than whether they had learned the curriculum and I returned to Cornwall in 2012 to study under Leslie Bunt (the first Professor of music therapy in the UK and internationally renowned expert in the field of music therapy) at UWE in Bristol.

The MA in music therapy was an intense course involving academic and experiential study, during which we covered every eventuality and experienced a number of interesting discussions with professionals from both medical and psychotherapeutic backgrounds. During my placements I worked at a Child Development Centre, A Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities and a Care Home for the elderly, thus covering all stages of life and giving me a deep-rooted respect for people with all experiences.

My Approach

I follow the person centred approach, putting my clients at the centre of everything I do and think about. Sessions cater to their individual needs, building confidence, emotional resilience and helping people to live their best lives.

My Memberships

I am a member of the Health and Care Professions Council and British Association of Music Therapists, and abide by their ethics and guidelines. One of the conditions of my registration is that I attend regular CPD and Supervision.